Advantages of Outsourcing

Our Team

Seasoned public service leaders and licensed professional engineers are the backbone of our organization. Utility Partners team members are recognized throughout the contract operations industry as being service oriented and customer focused. Our principals have more than 150 years of combined professional experience in the contract operations, maintenance, and management of public infrastructure and utility systems. These principals directly support our project teams by providing operational expertise in the following critical areas: Environmental Compliance; Health, Safety and Emergency Response; Asset Management; and Project Administration.

Utility Partners manages our clients' environmental infrastructures by developing a single, cross-trained operations team to perform O&M and management services on all system components as an integrated, customer-focused business. Each member of the Utility Partners team plays a critical role in fulfilling this mission, so the approach to our staff is quite simple: respect and honor them always, get them involved with decision making, treat them in a fair and equitable manner, reward them for this challenging work. Our goal is to equip and empower all of our staff to advance within our organization, so that is why Utility Partners invests so much in them.